Reiki Healing Session

It's time to start feeling your best again!

If you find that high stress, anxiety, illness, pain, and lack of motivation take a toll on you in your daily life affecting your relationships, business, and personal well-being, you may have stagnant and blocked energy that needs to be addressed and cleared. 

Booking a Reiki session is the first step on your healing journey!

Reiki helps you reduce stress and anxiety, take back control over your life and start feeling better after just your first session!

When was the last time you felt pain free, calm, relaxed, stable, had passionate relationships with others and yourself, and knew your direction in life?

It's time to start taking care of yourself again, knowing your value and worth and healing yourself from the inside out! 

Book your Reiki session now by clicking the button below and start living life connected to your highest self!

60 minutes  |  $88

1-on-1 Private Healing Package!

Includes: 3 PT Sessions & A Reiki Healing Session

Are you ready to change your life but don't know where to start?

This package is perfect for someone who is ready to take the necessary steps to change their life physically, mentally, and spiritually!

We've all gotten to that point where we're tired of our own excuses of why we're not working out to improve our health, why we're not eating right to increase our energy, and why we're not taking better care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

It's time to start putting yourself first again and taking control back over your life!

In this package you will get 3 1-on-1 personalized training sessions with Kaitlin where she will work on increasing your strength, cleaning up your diet, and improving your flexibility. You will also get 1 Reiki session to start removing blocked, stuck energy in your body that is causing you emotional and physical pain so you can start feeling like your energetic, lively self again!

Book your1-on-1 Private Healing Package today and start feeling the benefits of increased confidence, vitality, and love for your life again!

       4 Private Sessions/$321

Personal Training

This is not your typical personal training session!

Kaitlin designs each session specifically for your goals mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Due to her background in personal training, yoga, energy healing, and meditation your training session will include any of these aspects that you want to work on and is designed for a steady and consistent progress in all areas of your life!

Improve your strength, cardio, flexibility, and concentration/focus by giving yourself an hour to feel like your best self again!

Start living healthiest life each day with greater energy, confidence, and drive!

You deserve to start putting your needs first so that you are able to improve your life and the lives around you simply by giving yourself this time to fill your cup up first!

Book your free consultation today and start living your life to it's fullest right now!

60 minutes  |  $77

Distant Healing

Distant Reiki is perfect for clients all over the world who are ready to start their healing journey or who have already started and are looking to improve their vitality and health physically, mentally, and spiritually!

During these sessions you are in the comfort of your own home while Kaitlin performs a healing ritual for your personalized needs. After the healing session you will not only start feeling better right away but will also receive a personalized write up of what Kaitlin worked on and her suggestions for you on your healing journey!

It's time to start putting yourself first so you are able to live a life that is of great quality!

Book your session by clicking the button below, it's time to start feeling like your best self again!

60 minutes  |  $88

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