Reiki is a Japanese technique to help promote relaxation, mental clarity, and increases healing.


Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and pain manifest in the body as a result of the flow of energy (also known as Ki, Chi, and Prana) being blocked. If we don't know how to properly release emotional stress and pain from the past or present, it can lead to discomfort in many different forms!

By improving your energy flow you will feel lighter, more energized, focused, and have greater clarity! Reiki can also help reduce pain and assist with getting you back to your best health.

What to expect: Kaitlin gently places her hands on certain specified areas of the body (the Chakras) and pin points where the energy blockages are. Once these areas are addressed the energy can start to move more freely through them. You will notice a difference after just one session! 

Don't put off your healing any longer and book you first session today!

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