Kaitlin grew up in the small town of Keswick, Ontario. She was involved in many sports growing up which lead to her passion for fitness and helping people to become their healthiest self!

Kaitlin has been running her business for 5 years and during that time she realized that there was much more to healing and getting the body in it's best health than just physical exercise. She found clients were holding onto a lot of emotional issues from the past and present that were making it difficult or even impossible for them to achieve their healthiest physical state, let alone their mental state!

She started researching and taking courses on Reiki, Meditation, Crystals, Yoga, and other forms of energy healing. She noticed a huge shift in her clients through small but effective lifestyle changes and she was able to help them develop an immense amount of energy for their day! By helping them release and let go of old behaviours and thoughts that no longer serve them, Kaitlin saw huge success in her clients' physical results as well as other areas of their lives!


By combining different techniques in all of Kaitlin's sessions whether that be reiki, personal training, meditation, yoga, or her workshops you will leave feeling focused, inspired, and driven, with a new sense of confidence and discipline. This will get you in the perfect alignment for achieving those everyday goals as well as those big dreams that you've always wanted to accomplish!

You will find with consistency your attitude towards life will be better, your relationships will improve and your perception of yourself and what you are able to achieve will surprise you!

Thank you so much for visiting Our page and we welcome you the world of healing, prosperity, and abundance!

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