Kaitlin Rutledge

Kaitlin Rutledge is a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, and Personal Trainer.


Throughout her life she has gathered tools and strategies to help heal the physical and emotional body through combining several different techniques, including: Strength & Endurance Training, Strength, Restorative, and Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, and Reiki.

Kaitlin is passionate about helping you elevate  your life by mastering your daily and weekly  routine. 

Through a personalized package, online program, or by attending a workshop or course you can learn how to refine and rewire your body, mind, and spirit to work in harmony and significantly improve your quality of life.

Elevate your life by strengthening your body, calming your mind, and freeing your spirit!


“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

      -Tony Robbins 

Kitchener, Ontario Canada

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